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Artificial Grass Kuantan Malaysia is the top
synthetic grass supplier in Kuantan Malaysia
We provide best quality grass

We are the specialist and top supplier
of artificial grass in the market
We provide best installation
with landscaping solutions

No water, mowing or fetilising is needed.
Low maintenance and comfortable.
Best suit for your pets.


Install everywhere you want to
Balcony, Garden, Indoor, & Playground

Artificial Grass Kuantan

Landscaping Design

We produce landscaping designs and solutions tailored to your needs.

Artificial Grass Kuantan

Low Maintenance

Using artificial grass will only require you to maintain the grass occasionally.

Artificial Grass Kuantan

No Trimming

You do not need to trim the grass. Unless you want to destroy it 😀

Why use synthtic grass?

  • Always green
  • Save water
  • Safe for children
  • Low maintenance
  • Underlay material for clealiness.
  • Comfortable to step on
  • best pet turf esp. for pets.

you can read more about the benefits of using artificial grass

Where can you install it?

  • Residential garden
  • Balcony, terrace & patio
  • Indoor
  • Rooftop
  • Playground
  • Urban space
  • Commercial property
  • Shopping mall
  • Wall.
Artificial Grass Kuantan

20mm Green Aritificial Grass

Artificial Grass Kuantan

30mm Philippines Aritificial Grass

Artificial Grass Kuantan

40mm Japanese Aritificial Grass

Artificial Grass Kuantan

Golf Aritificial Grass

Artificial Grass Kuantan


Why  Artificial Grass Kuantan Malaysia?

We Strongly believe products and services of the highest quality help us achieve a favorable status from our customers.
We offers you the best quality of fake grass. Our grass is extremely durable and sustainable compared to other common grass in the market.

These are the main reasons that most people choose to use our artificial grass.

  • Best natural looking artificial green turf
  • Most Innovative fake grass
  • Artificial Grass with installation.
  • Artificial Grass with quality underlay.
  • Our artificial grass is made from the latest technology and innovation in the market
  • Quality and reliability
  • Our artificial grass is eco & environmentally friendly and safe to use
  • More than 10 years of experience

Our Satisfied Clients

Artificial Grass Kuantan

The excellent works that we gave to our customers returns a favorable responses.

“Great services and worksmanship during the artificial grass installation.

The quality of artificial grass carpet is superb.”

Sean Wong ★★★★★

“Big thanks to Artificial Grass Kuantan. My pets love the quality of the artificial grass.”

Calvin Sum ★★★★★

Awesome artificial grass wall. The artificial grass cost is affordable. Friednly and quality services. Strongly recommend.

Wallace Phang ★★★★★

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