Things To Consider When Buying Artificial Grass

Your budget isn’t the only thing to consider when you decide to cover your garden with artificial grass. Installing fake grass is nothing short of an investment, and if you want your turf to last long, making the right choice is necessary. Don’t let this worry you; once you know about the different types of turfs, you’ll be able to take the right decision. Here are 7 key factors in buying artificial grass.

Things To Consider When Buying Artificial Grass 1

3. Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the grass blades from the backing to the tip. Pile height is important as different height of artificial grass will change over time. A longer height of artificial grass might become flat as time goes by due to gravitational pull. Of course, we will give our advice and consultation on helping you to choose.

4. Density and Weight

Turf density is the measurement of the amount of fiber or yarn per square unit of the turf. A turf that has higher dense is more durable and suitable for heavy traffic use. The weight of a turf is not something client need to worry about. Only that if you were planning to install it on balcony or rooftop, we might need to consider the load limit.

5. Infill and Backing

Artificial grass is designed to be infilled to keep it looking lush. Infill also helps keep the turf springy. We will help you to choose suitable materials such as rubber crumb or sand depending on your housing environment. Artificial grass has a backing made up of either polyurethane or latex which make the fake grass springy and more durable.

Things To Consider When Buying Artificial Grass 2
Things To Consider When Buying Artificial Grass 3

6. Color

Synthetic grass comes in various shades of green- olive green, lime green, darker green, and more. Cheaper turfs come in single flat green shades and you can easily tell them apart from natural grass. A low quality grass can be easily differentiate by you. The color can look like extremely green and unnatural. A good artificial grass normally contain different shades of green and with some brown flecks which resemble the real grass.

7. Maintenance

Artificial grass requires less maintenance than natural grass. However, you still need to clean the grass occasionally. Maintaining artificial grass can increase its longevity. If a cheaper turf requires you to spend more money on regular maintenance, you should rather purchase a more premium turf that can last longer and does not need you to replace frequently.


Things To Consider When Buying Artificial Grass 1

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